Short Introduction to the History of Ukraine

Short Introduction to the History of Ukraine

✨ We are happy to invite you to the series of Ukrainian Culture Seminars happening in Oxford University Linacre College in Hilary Term 

The series will include 9 meetings held every Monday at 3pm in Linacre College Tannor Room, and it will provide greater insights into certain aspects of Ukrainian history and culture.

📌 The first meeting - Short Introduction to the History of Ukraine - will take place on January 16th (Monday) at 3pm at the Linacre College Tannor Room (by Dr Nadiya Ivanenko, University of Oxford, Department of Education)

❗All seminars are free to attend and open to everyone

It will be followed by other speakers and topics:

📌 23 January, Dr Darya Tsymbalyuk (University of Oxford, St. Antony’s College): Stories about Plants in Narratives of War and Displacement.

📌 30 January, Dr Kateryna Dysa (University of Oxford, Faculty of History): Ukrainian Witchcraft Trials and Witch Beliefs.

📌 6 February, Dr Andrii Pastushenko (University of Oxford, Faculty of History): Towards the Origins of the Ukrainian Past: the Early Slavs.

📌 13 February, Dr Mykhaylo Yakubovych (Freiburg University, Germany / Coventry University, UK): A Neglected Legacy: Intellectual History of Crimean Khanate.

What does the World Know about Crimean Tatar Philosophy?

📌20 February, Yuliya Bukus(Master of Arts in Translation, Kyiv Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine”, Member of the OUUS, Copywriter, Journalist): Introduction to Ukrainian Art.

📌 27 February, Dr Panayiotis Xenophontos (University of Oxford/co-founder of KHARPP, a charity working in Poland and Ukraine); William Flemming (Przemyśl/Poland coordinator, KHARPP): Reflections from a Year on the Polish-Ukrainian Border.

📌 6 March, Myroslava Hartmond (Oxford University) British Ukrainian curator and

writer, programme coordinator of the first scholarship programme for Ukrainian scholars at Oxford University: A History of Ukraine in 12 Artworks.

📌 13 March, Elmaz Asanova (Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter (Crimean channel ATR), Cambridge Academic Visitor, UK): Crimean Tatar Cultural Heritage Before the First Annexation of Crimea (1783). British Travelers on the Russification of Crimea at the Turn of 18-19th Centuries.

Details here:

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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